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Covid Information

Pilates Classes

I am pleased to be back teaching face to face classes now restrictions have been lifted – I love seeing everyone and really I missed the social interaction.

But of course – things are a little different when it comes to face to face classes compared to pre-Covid.

  • Class numbers are still restricted to allow for 2m social distancing between mats.

  • While you do not need to wear your facemask while exercising, you will need to wear it on arrival, when leaving, and if you need to move around the room at all (to use the facilites etc). 

  • Some halls still have one way systems to reduce contact between people arriving and leaving as well as staggered start and finish times.

  • There will be at least 10 mins change over time between classes to reduce cross contact between classes and allow for any extra cleaning – this may mean classes start or finish at slightly different times.

  • For now, I am still limiting the amount of manual corrections I give you “hands on”, but I’ll still be there to spot errors and verbally / visually correct. This is still MUCH easier in face to face classes than online. If I do feel it's beneficial to correct you manually, I will wear my mask and ask permission before touching you.

  • I won’t have any equipment to loan out – please make sure you have everything you need in your bag.

  • Windows and doors will be opened as needed to allow extra ventilation and increase air flow. If you have a tendency to feel the cold, please wear extra layers. I have invested in a CO2 monitor to allow me to measure the air quality in the rooms and will open windows for ventilation as required. 

  • I am currently testing myself twice per week using the rapid lateral flow tests to ensure I'm not asymptomatic and I would urge everyone attending classes (anywhere) to do the same. 

  • I have completed and reviewed separate, detailed risk assessments for each venue I teach at - these will be available for you to read if you wish (and if you happen to be really, really bored!) so you can be confident all eventualities have been covered and necessary precautions taken. 

Sports Therapy / Massages

Sports therapy and massages are available - in all cases now, including maintance work. (Not just if you have an acute injury). 

  • I have a separate treatment room at the rear of my house which is accessed via a side gate and separate door.

  • Please knock on the front door, or call the number on the front window and I will come to the gate to let you in. 

  • Please wear your facemask.

  • All surfaces are thoroughly cleaned between patients with fresh towels. 

  • All towels and covers have been washed at 60 degrees.

  • I will be wearing PPE including an apron and mask.

  • The treatment room will be aired thoroughly between patients.

  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided.  

  • I am currently testing myself twice per week using the rapid lateral flow test to ensure I'm not asymptomatic. 

  • I have completed and regularly review risk assessments which are available for you to read upon request. 

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