All live classes and 1:1 sessions are currently suspended from 22nd June until September 2020. 


For Pilates classes, there is an option to subscribe to my online class library over the summer for just £10 per month. Please use the Contact Us page to get in touch if you are interested in subscribing or registering for live classes in September. 

Depending on government advice at the time, classes will (hopefully) resume on both a face to face AND live online basis in September.  

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a slow, no-impact form of exercise designed to help mobilise your spine and joints while strengthening your core muscles. Regular practice can improve your posture and can help to relieve back and other joint pain.  


Possibly the best way to explain Pilates is this: Your body has many layers, like an onion, each with its own purpose. You skin is your outer layer, protecting the body from infection. Next, you have a layer of skeletal muscles, providing movement to your limbs. Under this layer, you have a layer of "core muscles". These act as stabilisers to your spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle. These muscles have a tendency to become lazy and weak, leading to an unstable spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle.


When was the last time you thought about stabilising your pelvis or spine before you moved? Never?  You shouldn't have to think about it, however, in modern day life, the human body has become lazy. This has led to poor posture, untoned muscles and increased back and joint pain.


Pilates will help you to re-gain control of your stabilising core muscles, improve your posture and help you to understand how your body SHOULD be moving.


There are classes, 1:1 sessions and small group sessions available, depending on your preferences.  

Clinical Pilates is available on a 1:1 basis for those with more severe back problems or other conditions.

Pre and Post natal Pilates is also available on a 1:1 basis.


Pilates can seem a little complicated to start with, and for this reason I encourage people to start with a beginners course, or a 1:1 session, or small group session. This gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace and ask questions along the way. It also give me as the teacher, the ability to focus on individuals closely and see where I can improve their technique. 


Following this you can join any mixed ability class.