CLASS                DAY       LOCATION                START TIME             END TIME

Mixed Ability Pilates     Monday         Subscription only                       11.00 am                                12.00 pm


Mixed Ability Pilates     Monday         Subscription only                         7.00 pm                                  8.00 pm


Advanced Pilates          Monday          Subscription only                         8.00 pm                                  9.00 pm


Advanced Pilates          Tuesday          Subscription only                          6.45 pm                                 7.45 pm


Mixed Ability Pilates    Tuesday          Subscription only                         7.45 pm                                  8.45pm



Advanced Pilates          Friday             Subscription only                          9.30 am                                  10.30 am



June 2020 - Currently we only have pre-recorded lessons available, if you are interested please contact us using the Contact page above. We hope to start face to face & online classes from September 2020.


* BEGINNERS PILATES - we are planning a new class for Autumn 2020 - please register any interest via the Contact page *